This Week in LibraryBlogland (09 October 05)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 09 October 2005

Thanks to Blake for creating a This Week in LibraryBlogland topic on LISNews. An RSS feed should be coming along soon.

jrjacobs at Library Autonomous Zone comments re shrink-wrap licenses and libraries.

Joy Weese Moll (Wanderings of a Student Librarian) asks, should library school have required courses?

Ivan Chew (Rambling Librarian) continues his series about becoming a librarian and Angel (Gypsy Librarian) writes about what he does at work.

Vonjobi (the Filipino Librarian) has a two-question survey about bookstores and libraries: If you are a librarian, what would you tell people who prefer bookstores to libraries? If you are not a librarian, why don't you use libraries?

Homework from Michael McGrorty (Library Dust): a patron demands the removal of something from your library's collection (see post for specifics). Your assignment: write a note to the patron.

Michael at LibraryCrunch has some ideas about how to reach patrons through audio or video podcasts.

cminor, the Do-It-Yourself Librarian, is looking for libraries that are using Firefox on public workstations and how they address the security concerns.

Nicolas Morin (BiblioAcid) posted his presentation about uses of RSS in libraries (in French).

Jenn Riley (Inquiring Librarian) has been thinking about incorporating user-contributed metadata into library systems.

Lorcan Dempsey writes about Web 2.0 and catalogs, while Gunter Waibel ( writes about pie-in-the-sky scenarios. Kevin Smith (Fiddling Librarian 3.0) posts Tim O'Reilly's comparison of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Michael Barrington at TechCrunch lists the companies of Web 2.0 (via ??) Travis Ennis, on the other hand, is tired of Web 2.0 and thinks it has become a marketing label.

Steven Cohen (Library Stuff) asks why library bloggers refer to their place of employment as "MPOW".

G (Library Bitch) has completed a one-year contract and reflects on the frustrations of working in a place that won't adapt to change.

The LIS2901 Digital Libraries Seminar (School of Information Sciences, U Pittsburgh) has started Digital Watch, an online journal "dedicated to issues surrounding digital libraries." The first issue is out. (via)

Where do you draw the line in helping a patron on the computer?

The Krafty Librarian wonders why so many job postings don't include salary information.

Marianne Lenox (Library Supporter) has started I Am So Gonna Blog This, a blog that is an online course on blogging for library staff.

Jessamyn West ( and Karen Coombs (Library Web Chic) discuss Dan Chudnov's (dchud's work log) assertion that more of us need to be coders.

Following an idea on PomeRantz, Luke Rosenberger (lbr) proposes an LIS Research Wiki

Rochelle Mazar (Random Access Mazar) comments re Henry Farrell's Chronicle article about the blogosphere as a Carnival of Ideas.

Blake Carver (LISNews) wonders where libraries and librarians fit in a digital future. David Rothman (TeleRead) responds.

Rebecca Hedreen (Frequently Answered Questions) is compiling a list of online tools that can be used to do research-related functions online.

Chris Jowaisas (TechnoBiblio) wonders about the cost of in-person reference transactions versus VR/chat/IM costs.

Dorothea Salo (Caveat Lector) points to Jason Mazzone's article re copyfraud ("falsely claiming a copyright to a public domain work").

Follow-up: Carleen Huxley (Library Shrine) answers the question, Why do I blog? More from whitneydt (:30 librarian).

Follow-up: Meredith Farkas (Information Wants to Be Free) continues the conversation about Librarians in academia: faculty or support staff?

Conference notes and presentations

Lots of good blogging at the AASL Conference Blog.

Roy Tennant has posted his LITA Forum presentations online. Christina Pikas (Christina's LIS Rant) writes about Danah Boyd's talk at LITA and about the function of gatekeepers in the flow of scientific information. More posts from Library Web Chic; Confessions of a Mad Librarian; and at the LITA Blog.

George Needham (It's All Good) reports on Omar Wasow's keynote speech at the Ohio Library Council conference.

Internet Librarian International: reports from Marydee Ojala (ONLINE Insider) and at the ILI2005 unofficial wiki (including links to presentations).

Lorcan Dempsey has notes from the NISO OpenURL and Metasearch meeting.

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