This Week in LibraryBlogLand (16 April 2006)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 16 April 2006


Dave Hook (Industrial Librarian) calls for more interaction between the different types of libraries/librarians.

Michael Golrick (Thoughts from a Library Administrator) wonders whether there is any interest in starting a Bloggers Round Table in ALA. Comments from many, including Mark Lindner (the thoughts are broken) and K.G. Schneider (Free Range Librarian). More from Golrick.

Rachel Singer Gordon (Liminal Librarian) writes about the difference between writing a book and writing a blog. Ivan Chew (Rambling Librarian) tackles It's All Good's question, What is considered "reading," anymore?

re the academic librarian who got in trouble with faculty because of books he suggested for freshman reading, StevenB (ACRLog) wonders about faculty status for librarians and the protections of tenure.

Jessamyn West ( points to a few web4list posts about standards compliant library websites. Meredith Farkas (Information Wants to be Free) writes about the proliferation of LIS wikis.

Dorothea Salo (Caveat Lector) has some thoughts about librarianship's love-hate relationship with computers. Eric Lease Morgan (TechEssence) has some ideas about how to be innovative in using technology with little money/staff.

Speaking of computer stuff: Andrea Mercado (LibraryTechtonics) points to a funny take on the question, What is Podcasting?

Chris at Libraryola points to the Institute of Museum and Library Services' report on the Status of Technology and Digitization.

Meredith Farkas (Information Wants To Be Free) posted a long compilation of links about gaming in libraries, while Jenny Levine (Shifted Librarian) writes about libraries in gaming.


13th General Conference of the Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (March 2006):
- Blogging 101 for Librarians, presentation by Filipino Librarian.

HigherEd BlogCon:
- Library & Info Resources (April 10-14). Meredith Farkas links to the presentations.
- Admissions, Alumni Relations, and Communications & Marketing (April 17-21).
- Websites & Web Development (April 24-28).

Reading 2.0 (March 15-16):
- Notes from Jon Noring (TeleRead).

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