This Week in Libraryblogland (20 March 2006)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 20 March 2006

Steven B (ACRLog) discusses the Myth of LIS Grads As Finished Product.

Rory Litwin (Library Juice) disagrees with the "librarian's stamp of approval" approach to Internet directories and explains his stance on the funding cut.

Joy Weese Moll (Wanderings of a Student Librarian) has some advice on how to choose wiki software.

Lorcan Dempsey says, re patterns of expectations, that, just as a habitual library user is at home in any library, so should it be with library websites. Chris Jowaisas (TechnoBiblio) points to how Iowa and Oregon are providing their public libraries with website templates. More.

Rory Litwin (Library Juice) discusses whether we should be teaching patrons how to use the databases.

Karen G. Schneider (ALA TechSource) writes about How OPACs suck. John Blyberg ( discusses the impact of social OPACs. Richard Wallis (panlibus) asks, How much more do you want on your OPAC screen? (via)

Michael Sauers (Travelin' Librarian) writes about Library WiFi access. More.

Check out who's on this year's Library Journal's Movers & Shakers list! Also, congratulations to Walt Crawford on the occasion of the 75th issue of Cites & Insights.

Andrea Mercado (LibraryTechtonics) is blogging her Librarians Professional Delegation trip to China. Starts here.

Christopher Harris (Infomancy) writes about how Response to Intervention (RTI) will affect teacher librarians. More.

Raizel Liebler (LibraryLaw Blog) tells "The Tale of One Bunny, Copyright Statements, & Public Domain."


SXSW Interactive (March 10-14): Highlights from the panel, "How to Blog for Money by Learning From Comics," which included Bill Barnes (co-author of library comic strip Unshelved) and Keving Cheng (co-author of interfaces comic strip OK/Cancel).

Reading 2.0 (March 16): Tim O'Reilly at O'Reilly Radar posted a "reading list of links to summarize the discussion." (via)

PLA (March 21-25): Blog.

Computers in Libraries (March 22-24): Bloggers. The Technorati, and Flickr tag is "cil2006."

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