This Week in LibraryBlogLand (23 April 2006)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 23 April 2006


David Dodd (Librarian in Tie-Dye) spoke at a Unitarian church on the topic of libraries.

Rory Litwin (Library Juice) defines the difference between geeks and nerds and writes about their battle for the soul of librarianship. Nicole C. Engard (What I Learned Today) comments.

There's a new wiki in town: Library 2.0 Wiki. Over at ISHUSH, Woody Evans says his library is a Library 1.4 and he says that's okay. Speaking of blogs and wikis: Amanda Etches-Johnson's list of blogging libraries has been wikified.

Stephen Abram (Stephen's Lighthouse) summarizes the key findings of the Status of Technology and Digitization in the Nation's Museums and Libraries report. Sarah Houghton (LibrarianInBlack) points to a Web4Lib discussion about standards compliance and library websites. Speaking of digital: More about the Second Life library.

K.G. Schneider (Free Range Librarian) is frustrated by Open Worldcat's reviews process.

JanieH (Library Garden) notes that his library's email reference stats went up after the form was simplified.

If you had to give a talk on social software for academic libraries, which three technologies would you focus on?

Arizona State University interviewed five students about using the library. StevenB (ACRLog) took notes on the podcast.

Follow-up: Lots of discussion about moving, shaking, and self-promoting here (including links to lots more), here, and here. Steve Lawson (See Also) loves the "self-promoting over-prolific alpha librarians." Also: Self-Promotion Tips for New Librarians.

Non-spoilery quote from this week's Doctor Who episode, "Tooth and Claw":
Doctor: "You want weapons? We're in a library. Books! Best weapons in the world. This room is the greatest arsenal we could have." [grabs a heavy book and tosses it to Rose] "Arm yourself."


Keep Up! Practical Emerging Technologies for Libraries (April 19): Notes from Sarah Houghton (LibrarianInBlack) and K.G. Schneider (Free Range Librarian).

HigherEd BlogCon:
- Library & Info Resources (April 10-14). Sarah Houghton comments re
"serving your advanced users" (John Blyberg).
- Admissions, Alumni Relations, and Communications & Marketing (April 17-21).
- Websites & Web Development (April 24-28)

ACRL/CNI/EDUCAUSE Joint Virtual Conference (April 20-21): Notes from StevenB (ACRLog).

Library Camp (April 14): About. Notes from John Blyberg.

Library 2.0 Innovation Boot Camp: About. More about.

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