This Week in LibraryBlogLand (2 April 2006)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 2 April 2006

(Note: This one feels incomplete to me, but, since it's already a day late, I'm going ahead and posting it as is. I hope I didn't miss anything major.)

username3153, a librarian at a multinational pharmaceutical company that is shutting down all its research libraries writes about overseeing the dismantling of her library.

Anna (eclectic librarian) ponders library scholarly writing. Richard Akerman (Science Library Pad) has put together a list of library tech journals.

Karen G. Schneider (ALA TechSource) continues her series about How OPACs Suck.

Laura Crossett (lis.dom) tells about how she got her job. Meanwhile, Jessamyn West ( and Michael McGrorty (Library Dust) respond to ALA's Library Corps proposal.

Teresa Koltzenburg (ALA TechSource) writes about the making of the Rock 'n' Roll Library video.

Library 2.0: Discussion from Nicole C. Engard (What I Learned Today); Dave Hook (Industrial Librarian);

Follow-up: More talk about how to lose your tech librarian, here and here.

Library blogging meta: Rory Litwin (Library Juice) has some thoughts about library bloggers and the techie mission. More from Jessamyn West (

More library blogging meta: Rochelle (Random Access Mazar) and Dorothea Salo (Caveat Lector) talk about fangirling, and Mark Lindner (the thoughts are broken) has the round-up of posts about it.

Conference meta: Rick Roche (ricklibrarian) notes that he sometimes had trouble understanding cil2006 blog entries because of all the jargon. Jill Hurst-Wahl (Digitization 101) agrees. Planning a conference? David Warlick (2 Cents Worth) has some ideas about extending your conference into the blogosphere.


HigherEd BlogCon:Teaching (April 3-7). [Next: Library & Info Resources, April 10-14].

ALPSP Technology Update: Web 2.0 Hip or Hype? (March 25): Conference summary by Leigh Dodds (all my eye) (via)

PLA (March 21-25): PLA Blog. Photos at Flickr.

Computers in Libraries (March 22-24):
- Presentation Links.
- Jill Hurst-Wahl (Digitization 101).
- Paul Miller (panlibus) follows-up on his presentation.
- Dave Hook (Industrial Librarian).
- Blog round-up from Chris Zammarelli (Libraryola). More.
- Andrea Hull (write).
- Info Today blog.
- More bloggers.
- See also the unofficial cil2006 wiki.
- The Technorati, and Flickr tag is "cil2006."

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