This Week in LibraryBlogLand (9 April 2006)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
Week ending 9 April 2006


Thanks to library staff identifying the patron who used one of the library's computers, police were able to reach the patron before he could commit suicide. But what about patron privacy?

bookdrivegirl is asking for book donations for her library's small YA collection. Update and another update. YA Book Drive 4 Rural Libraries.

JanieH (Library Garden) writes about libraries that are open on Sundays. More.

Discussion at Rachel Singer Gordon's blog, Liminal Librarian: A librarian isn't what I do--it's who I am. bolo is looking for advice: should he become a librarian? Meanwhile, InfoSciPhi explains why he became one.

U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Graduate Schools 2007" includes library schools. Peter Bromberg (Library Garden) writes about library continuing education: What we want vs. what we need.

Brian Mathews has been "practicing pre-emptive reference with student blogs." Discussion here, here, here, and here.

Jonathan Frater (The Rogue Scholar) discusses "the Pentagon's stated intention of gaining control of the internet and comprehensive control of the larger EM-spectrum."

How to fix OPACs: Richard Wallis (panlibus) says, start by changing the name.

New collaborative blog, TechEssence.Info, "for busy decision-makers in libraries who want the low-down on the big technologies out there." More.

Library blogging meta: K.G. Schneider (Free Range Librarian), Walt Crawford (Walt at Random) and others discuss the word "Biblioblogosphere" here, here, and here.

How do you use (see also the comments). Also, TangognaT is trying to put together a list of library science journals that offer RSS feeds.

Meredith Farkas (TechEssence.Info) explains wikis. More. Blisspix announces the LISauthor wiki.

Are you geeky enough to be a librarian? Joshua Neff (the goblin in the library) says that Library 2.0 is a way of thinking and not just about Web 2.0 technobabble.

Follow-up: Steve Lawson (See Also) responds to Rory Litwin's "Questioning the Techie Mission."

Follow-up: Rochelle at Random Access Mazar) lists the 10 Attitudes That Would Make this 'techie' Librarian High-Tail it Out of Your Library, while Michael Stephens (Tame the Web) lists the five phrases he hopes never to hear in libraries again.

Follow-up: Dorothea Salo (Caveat Lector) is strongly against ALA's Library Corps idea. More thoughts from Rachel Singer Gordon (Liminal Librarian) and from the folks at the libraries Livejournal.


HigherEd BlogCon:
- Library & Info Resources (April 10-14).
- Some notes at ebyblog.
- Technorati tags: HigherEdBlogCon - HigherEd+BlogCon.

Simmons GSLIS Alumni & Professional Development Day (April 7): Notes from Andrea Mercado (LibraryTechtonics) start here.

OCULA Spring Workshop: Reference in Academic Libraries (March 30-31): Notes from Sherri Vokey (schwagbag).

NSF's Information Technology Workforce (April 3-4): Notes from Elizabeth Lane Lawley (mamamusings) start here.

Information Highways Conference (March 28-30): Notes from Dave Hook (Industrial Librarian) start here.

Computers in Libraries 2006: Presentations.

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