Useful repository lines for your /etc/apt/sources.list on Ubuntu


For librarians thinking about maybe trying out Ubuntu or Xubuntu, the question may pop up as to what comparable tools are available so you are not lost. While there is not necessarily a non-beta version of Adobe AIR available for Linux yet, other tools are available. An example set of lines to add at the end of your /etc/apt/sources.list file to gain access to these tools includes:
# Gwibber -- Microblog platforms client akin to Twhirl deb intrepid main deb-src intrepid main # Unetbootin -- Universal netboot installer that makes bootable USB keys deb intrepid main deb-src intrepid main # Skype deb stable non-free # Virtualbox -- Virtualization solution by Sun Microsystems deb intrepid non-free
There are no warranties that any of the applications listed above will work for anyone's particular circumstances. For those migrating away from Windows, though, these tools may make the transition easier. In these strange economic times, trying out things does not have to be catastrophic.