Water flood BYU Library

news.excite.com has a Story on flooing at the Bringham Young University in UT.

\"Thousands of Brigham Young University students and library employees were startled in the Harold B. Lee Library when they heard: \"Please gather your belongings and immediately evacuate the building in an orderly fashion\" around 12:15 p.m. on Thursday.\"
The evacuation was prompted by an underground broken water line, an eight-inch fire sprinkler line, located in the ceiling area of the second floor. The water penetrated the building through an opening in the foundation, seeping down to the floors below it and causing serious flooding.Margot Felt, 19, a sophomore from Ogden majoring in painting, was in the library when it flooded.
\"Today this is particularly annoying because I need to find a book for a paper I\'m writing. But I guess they really can\'t do anything about it,\" Felt said.
\"This is the third time I\'ve had to evacuate the library. It\'s a disturbance,\" said Richard Eldrege, 22, a junior from Pittsburg, Calif., majoring in mechanical engineering.
Areas affected by the flooding were taped off, and a human wall made up of library employees and police was used to prevent students from going into the damaged areas.