This Week in LibraryBlogLand (January 21, 2008)

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This Week in LibraryBlogLand
week ending January 20, 2008

From PUBLIB: Tips for designing library buildings, from librarians.

Adrienne Furness (Homeschooling and Libraries) has a series of posts detailing the anatomy of a curriculum kit.


On the DMCA: slideshow by Wellington Grey.

Prize-Winning Books Online: Newbery Award (1922-1924), Nobel Prize in Literature (1901-1953), Pulitzer Prize (1917-1953) (via)

The Library of Congress joins Flickr with 3,100 pictures [How]. As part of The Commons, (a joint LoC/Flickr project), visitors added about 19,000 tags total to the collection in the first 24 hours.

Report from the British Library: "Google Generation is a myth." via).

Wikipedia founder wants librarians to form and join Wikipedia Academies. Comments from Phil Bradley.

Jenica Parker Rogers-Urbanek (Attempting Elegance) is reminded that lots of people don't use technology the way she and other librarians do.


Self Check (comic strip): Teen IM reference - Web 2.0.


"I was told by a Children’s librarian a few months ago that while Adult services have been changed dramatically by technological advancements and social networking, Children’s services have basically not changed, and she didn’t see the central goals and missions of Children’s librarianship changing much in the near future." [Library Revolution]

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