The Icon Speaks: SLA Interview with Peter Drucker From 1992

Submitted by Blake on Mon, 03/17/2008 - 14:34

A posting over on PUBLIB pointed the way to a very quotable Interview With Peter Drucker in 1992 in Information Outlook Online.

IO: If someone told you that all the information she needs is available on the world wide web for free, how would you respond?
But there is another problem with the web. It is not a telephone book. A telephone book has a system. The web is a jumble of data without index. Maybe the search firms that now spring up will substitute for an index, though it is a very poor substitute. A library has an index. But even more important, it has a librarian who can say to me, "If this is what you are looking for, try Section H5." The code and the librarian convert the chaotic and unlimited universe of data into information and no web will ever be able to this, if only because there is no way to classify the universe. You first have to codify it.

IO: What do you love about libraries?
PD: I love nothing about libraries. They are places. I love librarians