Gradual Shifts In The Libraries

Submitted by barland1 on Tue, 01/27/2009 - 19:59
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We are seeing a gradual shift from desktop applications towards web hosted clones that run in browsers. For instance , microsoft office live, google docs, zoho & think free. We will see a shift from organizing information spatially (directories, folders,desktops) to organizing information temporally (feeds live streams, & microblogs. The biggest ultimatum is not retrieving information but keeping up with it.
Desktops will be more concerned with helping users manage information overload. The interface will be created to help the user understand what the trends are instead of how things are organized. Users will shift from acting as librarians to acting as day traders.
Information creation and distribution continues to precipitate. The capabilities of the human brain are limited, we will rely on tools that help us manage our attention more productively. Librarians are currently struggling to cope with the problem of filtering what is truly pertinent or what is relevent now or in the near future. Librarians have to be cautious in what they are looking for. Such is the mindset of the day trader. A wrong bet could cost you to end up wasting valuable time and resources.
Addtionally there will be a shift in the role of IT in libraries. Librarians will play an active role in IT governance in their institution. Library & Information Science educators will have to address the changing needs of IT/Library hybrid and enhance the skill sets of future grads. Toss out the notion that getting a MLS degree means you sit in a room all day full of dusty books