Support Your Glocal Library

Submitted by dlnieman on Sat, 05/02/2009 - 17:38

The libraries that thrive in the coming years will be those that learn to offer the best glocal service. Glocalization is the new term that some are bantering about in the fields of politics and economics, where although the populace around the world is able to conduct global business at will, but the concerns of both the worker and the consumer is turning to local issues.

The libraries that can best master glocalization will me the most likely to excell.

Great glocal libraries will:

1. Provide the best databases available for their size of community. This means not only having the databases, but having traied personnel who are adept at using those databases.

2. Have a strong, yet diverse core collection of materials in both hard copy and digital formats.

3. Provide for both the educational and recreational information needs of their people.

4. Encourage and support production of creative works by patrons within the community.

5. Develop a strong local collection of both fiction and nonfiction works that represent the local interests of the community.

While there are more things that libraries must do to continue to be successful, these represent some of the core things that libraries must do to survive in the glocal economy.